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Search, import and update company data in SuperOffice CRM Online

SoFastReg eliminates the need for creating new contacts in SuperOffice CRM Online manually.

This is how it works

SoFastReg enables you to search in Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish companies in SuperOffice CRM Online and to import them instead of registering them manually.

  • Quick and safe creation of companies or persons in SuperOffice. Avoid manual registrations

  • Update the particular company in SuperOffice CRM Online that you are searching on

  • Company information in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden from Eniro (LinkMobility) is included in the price.

  • In Norway it is also possible to update accounting information via an Advanced license.

  • In Norway it is possible to select from accounting figures, the number of employees et al. via an Advanced license.

SoFastReg saves you a lot of time and makes the task of creating companies child’s play.

It is easy to install the app yourself in your SuperOffice CRM Online. Do it directly in SuperOffice App Store

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