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Digital check lists with




Work through your check lists, service orders, inspections etc.
on your iPad and register everything digital.

The result is saved on the relevant Project in SuperOffice or directly in the accounting system.

Check lists, service orders, and inspections on your tablet (iPad) are saved in SuperOffice or the accounting system.


This is how it works

InProject lets you bring all your check lists on your iPad so that you can complete and register service visits, inspections and more simply and digitally at your customer’s location.

Open InProject on your tablet and do the following:

1.      Choose or create property or project

2.      Choose the check list you need

3.      Revise every step, take notes, take photos etc.

4.      Obtain the customer’s signature when the check list is revised

5.      The report is saved in the project in SuperOffice or in your accounting system

InProject is a very smart solution for technicians or consultants on the road.

When you are on service visits it is possible to simply go through the check list with the customer, obtain a signature, and thereby get approval immediately.

The report (PDF) can now be saved in SuperOffice as well as the accounting system and is now the base for an invoice.

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