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This is how it works:

InOrder lets you go through the entire order process safely on your Windows 10 computer, iPad or Android tablet.

Open InOrder and do the following:


  1. Choose or create customer

  2. Add desired products/product lines with the correct price and discount from your accounting system

  3. Obtain the customer’s signature directly on the tablet (optional)

  4. Quotations are saved in SuperOffice. Orders are transferred to your accounting system


InOrder is especially ingenious for sales reps on the road.

At customer meetings it is possible to safely create orders with the customer, obtain a signature immediately as well as begin the execution immediately.

The order is now registered in the accounting system and can be approved by the finance department.


Order registration for sales reps in the office or on the road


  • Choose existing customer. Is retrieved from your ERP system

  • Create a new customer. Is transferred to your ERP system

  • Create new orders

  • Choose products from lists. Is retrieved from your ERP system with the correct price and discount

  • Use the barcode reader

  • Check inventory for products

  • Signature

  • Check invoice history

  • Parts list/structures

  • Replacement product

  • Integration with SuperOffice. Quotations are saved

  • Integration with ERP. Orders are registered directly


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