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Synchronization between your accounting system and CRM system. Safely. Securely. Efficiently.

This is how it works:

Keyforce ERP Synchronization automatically ensures that your customer data in CRM always matches the data in your accounting system.

  • Optional two-way synchronization between CRM and your accounting system

  • See open entries and customer transactions as well as invoice and order lines directly in CRM

  • Easily  transfer new customers from CRM to the accounting system

  • Work in CRM – avoid sales reps working in the accounting system

Keyforce ERP synchronization ensures that all the important customer information, invoice information, turnover figures et el. are available directly in CRM.

This means that your CRM users will not have to spend their time looking up data in the accounting system.

This saves time and improves the daily work experience for your sales reps, customer service, and all other relevant users with customer relations.

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